The 10 Best Pre-Workout Supplements Of 2023

Discover the top 10 pre-workout supplements of 2023 that can take your fitness game to the next level. From increased energy and focus to improved endurance and muscle pumps, these supplements are designed to enhance your performance and maximize your workout results.
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Navigating the world of pre-workout supplements can be overwhelming with countless options on the market. Despite this sea of choices, studies show that certain products outperform others in increasing energy and enhancing workouts.

This blog post will guide you through choosing from the 10 best pre-workout supplements of 2023, based on critical factors such as ingredient quality, brand reputation, and proven results. Ready to take your workout performance to new heights? Let’s dive in.

The Importance of Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout supplements are vital for boosting energy, improving endurance, enhancing performance, and facilitating muscle recovery during intense exercise.

Increased Energy and Focus

Fueling your body with the right pre-workout supplement triggers a surge of energy, essential for those intense lifting sessions. One such powerhouse is ATH Pre Workout, famed for enhancing mental clarity and focus, critical elements that every bodybuilder requires to maintain an edge during training.

As proven by research, these supplements can dramatically boost your stamina, paving the way for increased workout quality. This increase in energy is achieved through a blend of potent ingredients present in pre-workouts like caffeine and BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids).

Each serving primes your system, enabling you to harness maximum potential from each rep and set while working towards achieving your fitness goals. However effective they may be, bear in mind that these supplements are not substitutes but additions to a balanced diet and adequate exercise routine aimed at optimizing physical performance.

Enhanced Endurance and Performance

Pre-workout supplements can be a game-changer for bodybuilders. Boosting energy, increasing focus, and enhancing performance are just the tip of the iceberg. Possessing ingredients like caffeine – one of the most researched supplements known to significantly magnify athletic prowess in effective doses – pre-workouts take your regimen to another level.

Transparent Labs’ LEAN is synonymous with improved endurance, potent power output, heightened alertness, and laser-sharp focus while also incorporating a fat loss component. By leveraging endurance-boosting elements in supplements like ENGN or Nitrosurge, you could squeeze in those extra reps or push harder for longer periods during high-intensity workouts.

These performance-enhancing components work hand-in-hand with some key organic options and adaptogens present in various forms of these products – from tablet form pre-workout supplements to other convenient presentations.

Improved Muscle Recovery

Your fitness goals as a bodybuilder shouldn’t just revolve around lifting heavier weights or increasing your rep count. It also includes prioritizing muscle recovery, an often-underestimated factor that significantly impacts muscle growth.

Improved muscle recovery helps rebuild your hard-working tissues after grueling sessions, priming them for subsequent workouts and leading to noticeable gains over time.

Implementing a pre-workout supplement like Swolverine PRE Pre-Workout into your routine can be beneficial in this regard. This particular supplement improves blood flow without relying on stimulants, aiding quicker nutrient delivery to strained muscles while accelerating their repair and growth process.

Products such as Legion Pulse – our top overall pick – contain key energyboosting ingredients geared towards optimal muscle gain, making these supplements indispensable tools for any serious bodybuilder’s arsenal.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pre-Workout Supplement

When choosing a pre-workout supplement, consider factors such as quality ingredients and dosage, brand reputation and reviews, personal goals and preferences, as well as any allergies or sensitivities you may have.

Quality Ingredients and Dosage

To maximize your workout performance and achieve optimal results, it is essential to choose a pre-workout supplement that contains quality ingredients and the right dosage. In 2023, the top pre-workout supplements are packed with over 17 grams of clinically-dosed ingredients like citrulline malate, caffeine, beta-alanine, and betaine anhydrous.

These ingredients have been scientifically proven to enhance energy levels, focus, endurance, and muscle recovery during workouts. When selecting a pre-workout supplement, look for those that include caffeine from natural sources like green tea or beets instead of synthetic stimulants.

It’s crucial to consider both the quality of the ingredients and their proper dosage to ensure effectiveness and safety in your fitness routine. By choosing a pre-workout supplement with quality ingredients and optimal dosages, you can significantly improve blood flow, increase energy levels, boost muscle performance, and ultimately take your workouts to new heights in 2023.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

Choosing the right pre-workout supplement can be a daunting task, given the wide variety available in the market. That’s why it’s important to consider brand reputation and reviews when making your decision.

Evaluating brand reputation and reading reviews from other bodybuilders can provide valuable insight into the quality and effectiveness of a pre-workout supplement. In fact, experts recommend considering factors like Transparent Labs BULK as the best overall pre-workout supplement for muscle building and performance enhancement, while Onnit Alpha BRAIN Pre-Workout was named the Coach’s Choice.

Keep in mind that top-rated supplements often contain ingredients like caffeine, beta-alanine, L-citrulline, betaine anhydrous, and essential vitamins and minerals to support optimal results.

Personal Goals and Preferences

Choosing the right pre-workout supplement is essential for achieving your personal goals and catering to your preferences. Whether you’re aiming for muscle gain, weight loss, or improved endurance, it’s important to consider these factors when selecting a pre-workout supplement that best suits your needs.

Some individuals may prefer supplements with natural ingredients or those that are caffeine-free. Others may want to avoid beta-alanine in their supplements. Remember to also take into account any sensitivities or allergies you have towards certain ingredients.

By considering these aspects, you can make an informed choice and select a pre-workout supplement that aligns with your personal fitness journey and helps you maximize your performance at the gym.

Allergies and Sensitivities

Choosing a pre-workout supplement that won’t trigger allergies or sensitivities is crucial for bodybuilders. Some supplements may contain ingredients that can cause adverse reactions, such as digestive issues, skin rashes, or even more severe allergic reactions.

It is important to consider potential interactions between pre-workout supplements and any medications you may be taking. To ensure safety, it’s best to avoid harmful or unknown components in your chosen supplement.

Checking the label for any allergens and opting for reputable brands with transparent ingredient lists can help minimize the risk of triggering allergies or sensitivities.

In addition to checking for potential allergens, it’s essential to be mindful of high doses of certain ingredients in pre-workout supplements. While these compounds might offer benefits at appropriate levels, excessive amounts could lead to negative side effects like increased heart rate or jitters.

The Top 10 Pre-Workout Supplements of 2023

Quick Recommendation

For a quick recommendation, take a look at our product list or simply scroll down for more detailed reviews.

Comparison Table

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Product NamePriceDate First AvailableFlavorManufacturer
Bulk Pre-Workout by Transparent Labs$62.81May 28, 2021Tropical PunchTransparent Labs
Hooligan Pre-Workout by Apollon NutritionAugust 30, 2015Apollon Nutrition
Superhuman Sport$49.99April 14, 2022GrapezillaALPHA LION
Nitrosurge MaxMay 11, 2023Cherry BombJacked Factory
C4 Original Pre-Workout$44.44February 28, 2015Fruit PunchNutrabolt
Onnit Total Strength and PerformanceJune 20, 2013Strawberry LemonadeOnnit
Trace Minerals Clean Pre-Workout$55.99September 13, 2016Trace Minerals
Klean Pre-WorkoutApril 18, 2022Klean Athlete
Onnit Alpha BRAIN Pre-Workout$101.95November 22, 2020FruitONNIT
Pre-Kaged Elite$52.39Fruit PunchKaged

This table gives a clear overview of each product’s name, price, date available, flavor, and manufacturer. The “-” denotes missing information. Also, I’ve omitted the ‘Best Sellers Rank’, ‘ASIN’, and ‘Item model number’ as per your instructions.

1. Bulk Pre-Workout by Transparent Labs

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Boost Performance: Increase Lean Mass and Energy for Better Workouts


  • Boost your metabolism and energy levels with Bulk Pre – Workout by Transparent Labs.
  • Specifically designed for adults who follow a keto diet.
  • Convenient powder form for easy consumption before workouts.
  • Each pack contains 17.6 ounces of the tropical punch flavored pre – workout formula.
  • Manufactured by Transparent Labs, a trusted brand in the health and fitness industry.
  • Available since May 2021 with a compact package size of 5.16 x 4.45 x 4.41 inches.

The Bulk Pre-Workout by Transparent Labs is a must-have supplement for those seeking to increase their muscle strength and endurance. Loaded with essential ingredients such as Beta-Alanine, BCAA, and Citrulline malate, it’s designed to keep you going through intense workouts. The Beta-Alanine content in the pre-workout aids in boosting cellular carnosine levels that deplete during rigorous exercise sessions, thus delaying the onset of fatigue. Leucine – one significant component of the included fermented vegan BCAAs – activates protein synthesis which helps preserve lean mass and boost workout performance.

This product stands out with its well-balanced formulation that supports both muscular development and fat loss – making it our top pick for bodybuilders looking to get “cut”. It also contains no artificial sweeteners or preservatives promoting a cleaner intake. A unique aspect is its Thyroid Support complex with elements like Chromium Picolinate and Zinc that target stubborn fat areas without affecting lean muscles.

Moreover, this carefully formulated Lean Pre-Workout provides an energy surge without relying on excessive caffeine supply due to its inclusion of Infinergy™ (Dicaffeine Malate) allowing for smoother long-lasting energy boosts mimicking your natural rhythm rather than causing jitters or crashes associated with ordinary pre-workouts. So if you’re looking towards enhancing your stamina while sculpting your physique naturally yet efficiently, consider adding Bulk Pre-Workout by Transparent Labs into your fitness routine regimen.


  • Increased lean mass and decreased fat
  • Enhanced energy and endurance during workouts
  • Improved strength and muscle endurance
  • Better absorption for maximum results


  • Only available in one flavor (Tropical Punch)
  • May not be suitable for those who prefer pre – workout supplements with creatine
  • Some users may find the price to be on the higher side compared to other similar products

This product is perfect for the athlete or fitness enthusiast who wants to take their performance to the next level. It’s made with natural ingredients, has no artificial sweeteners, and provides essential amino acids and BCAAs. With its ability to increase lean mass and endurance, Bulk Pre-Workout by Transparent Labs will give you that extra edge you need in your workout. Try it today!

2. Hooligan Pre-Workout by Apollon Nutrition

Fuel Your Performance and Recovery with All-Natural Ingredients.


  • GMO Free, Vegetarian, and Gluten Free formulation for those with dietary restrictions
  • Convenient capsule dosage form for easy consumption
  • 1.18 Kilograms item weight ensures a generous supply of pre – workout
  • 56.0 Ounce unit count offers excellent value for money
  • Developed and manufactured by Apollon Nutrition, a trusted brand in the fitness industry
  • Available since August 30, 2015, ensuring a tried-and-tested product

The Hooligan Pre-Workout by Apollon Nutrition is a true game-changer for those serious about their fitness. Packed with 100% Cyclic Dextrin and devoid of fillers, sugars, or artificial additives, it reaffirms its superiority over other products in the market. Its Japanese origin lends credibility to an already impressive reputation. This pre-workout supplement not only fuels your workout but also optimizes recovery – a critical element most bodybuilders appreciate after enduring grueling sessions at the gym.

Using Hooligan Pre-Workout can significantly enhance your performance due to its precise formulation that includes electrolytes for optimal results. Imagine getting into the gym charged up and leaving without feeling completely drained – this is the essence of what Apollon Nutrition offers. Another interesting aspect of Hooligan is its versatility; you could mix it with another favorite drink or protein shake without compromising on taste since it’s unflavored.

Hooligan Pre-Workout by Apollon Nutrition earns our No.2 spot on this list because although it excels in areas like performance enhancement and recovery optimization, there are more affordable options available in the market that offer similar benefits plus increased servings per purchase.


  • No added sugars, preservatives, or artificial color or fragrance
  • Vegetarian, Non – GMO, and Gluten Free
  • Speeds up recovery time
  • Boosts overall performance and accelerates muscle gains


  • May give some users jitters or increased heart rate due to high caffeine content.
  • Taste may not be enjoyable for everyone, as the flavor might be too strong or overwhelming.
  • Some individuals may find the price point of this pre – workout to be on the higher side compared to other similar products in the market.

This groundbreaking pre-workout is perfect for anyone looking to improve their fitness routine. With no added sugars, preservatives or artificial ingredients, Hooligan Pre-Workout offers an unbeatable combination of performance and recovery fuel that will help you reach your goals faster. Try it today and take your workouts to the next level!

3. Superhuman Sport

Unleash Your Inner Superhuman with Enhanced Performance and Recovery


  • Boosts training capacity and endurance
  • Accelerates muscle recovery
  • Provides clean energy for workouts
  • Convenient powder form for easy consumption
  • Delicious Grapezilla flavor
  • Manufactured by trusted brand ALPHA LION

The Superhuman Sport Pre Workout Powder by Alpha Lion is a top-tier choice for serious bodybuilders who want to take their workouts to the next level. Its Grapezilla flavor, reminiscent of juicy concord grapes and nostalgic bubblegum, isn’t just enticing; it’s part of an exceptional performance and recovery formula that really delivers. This sports nutrition supplement is packed with eight trademarked ingredients designed to enhance your training capacity & power output while reducing muscle soreness post-training. It serves as a potent energy booster and focus enhancer for those intense lifting sessions.

A standout feature here is the inclusion of AstraGin – a patented compound known for promoting better absorption of vital nutrients and fostering a healthy gut environment. This means you’re not merely consuming this pre workout powder but actually reaping all its benefits fully. Moreover, it reflects positively on Alpha Lion’s commitment to quality as they ensure their product free from banned substances, artificial colors, side effects, and most importantly holds GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status.

We’ve ranked the Superhuman Sport at No.3 in our list due to these impressive elements coupled with its explicit focus on user safety and wellness. One area it lags slightly behind our first two picks is taste diversity – Grapezilla Flavor is fantastic but some users might crave more options over time. However, if you value well-researched ingredients that bolster both performance and recovery alongside effective nutrient absorption, the Superhuman Sport should be high on your list.


  • Increased training capacity and power output
  • Enhanced recovery and reduced muscle soreness post – training
  • Improved energy levels and focus
  • Made with premium, researched – backed ingredients that are safe and free from artificial colors


  • May not be suitable for those with grape or bubblegum flavor aversions
  • Some users may experience a tingling sensation from the preworkout formula
  • Limited servings per container (21 servings)

This product is perfect for the intense athlete looking to maximize their performance and recovery during training. With its research-backed ingredients, Alpha Lion Superhuman Sport Pre Workout Powder can help you reach superhuman levels without sacrificing taste or quality – so get ready to power up and take your workout to a whole new level!

4. Nitrosurge Max

Unleash Your Maximum Energy and Focus: Boost Performance with Nitrosurge Max


  • Certified organic powder for energy management
  • Adult dosage form for maximum effectiveness
  • 0.52 kilograms of powerful cherry bomb flavor
  • High – quality product from trusted brand Jacked Factory
  • Available in a convenient 13.54 ounce unit count
  • Manufactured with care since May 11, 2023

Power up your workout game with Jacked Factory’s Nitrosurge Max. This high-stim pre-workout powder is packed with premium nootropic ingredients, giving you intense energy, clear mental focus, and enhanced endurance for those long lifting sessions. As a bodybuilder, the standout feature for me has to be the inclusion of NooLVL which increases nitric oxide production and boosts blood flow for optimized athletic performance.

When it comes down to pure power output and increased muscle pumps, Nitrosurge Max doesn’t disappoint. Each serving delivers a whopping 9G of L-Citrulline- an amino acid that promotes healthy circulation and improved strength during workouts. Combined with organic caffeine extracted from green coffee beans – PurCaf – you’re guaranteed clean crash-free energy to keep you focused throughout your session.

One of my favorite things about this product is its cherry bomb flavor – it’s sweet without being overpowering or chemically tasting. In addition to taste, I’ve enjoyed real results when using Nitrosurge Max before hitting the weights – clearer focus on my reps, more overall stamina so I can train longer and harder than ever before – plus significant gains in both muscle mass and strength over time! So if you want reliable performance enhancements from a potent yet safe source, consider adding some “Nitrosurge Max” into your regimen.


  • Boosts nitric oxide production and improves blood flow
  • Enhances energy, mental sharpness, focus, muscle pumps, strength, and stamina
  • Provides clean and crash – free energy with 350mg of organic caffeine
  • Features premium trademarked ingredients for next – level pumps, lasting energy, strength gains, and intense focus


  • May be too strong for individuals sensitive to caffeine
  • Some users may experience a crash after the initial energy boost wears off
  • Not suitable for those looking for a stimulant-free pre-workout option

This product is perfect for those who want to increase their energy, mental clarity and focus before their workouts. Nitrosurge Max provides your body with the extra boost of stimulants for an intense workout experience. If you’re looking to take your performance to the next level, try Nitrosurge Max today!

5. C4 Original Pre-Workout

Unleash Your Full Potential with this Powerful Pre-Workout


  • Boosts muscle growth for adults
  • Convenient jar packaging
  • Fruit punch flavor for a refreshing taste
  • Made in the USA for high – quality standards
  • Available for international shipping to select countries
  • Trusted brand by Nutrabolt with no discontinued status.

C4 Original Pre-Workout is a game-changer for any bodybuilder looking to amp up their performance and endurance. As America’s number one selling pre-workout brand, C4 has long been trusted by gym enthusiasts nationwide due to its potent and effective blend of performance-enhancing ingredients. Each serving delivers 150mg of caffeine, providing an energy boost that can help you power through intensive workouts. This fruit punch flavored powder also offers Vitamin C for immune support and sugar-free preworkout energy tailored towards both men & women.

One standout feature of the C4 Original Pre-Workout is its use of CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine, a clinically studied compound known to support muscular endurance and combat fatigue. You might experience a harmless tingling sensation after intake – this indicates the active ingredients are kicking into gear! Also included in the mix is a super creatine compound designed to promote muscle growth and strength building. These factors make this pre workout an ideal choice for those just beginning their fitness journey or seasoned athletes striving for new goals. With its array of unique flavors – from Cherry Limeade to Pink Lemonade – it’s clear why C4 stands out on the market.

Remember when using C4 Original Pre-Workout; timing is essential– take one serving mixed with six fl oz water 20-30 minutes before training for optimal results. Users have reported seeing improvements in their rep count, thus extending their gym sessions while still maintaining high energy levels—a must-have product if you’re serious about your workouts.


  • Delicious flavors to choose from: Cherry Limeade, Fruit Punch, Icy Blue Razz, Orange Burst, Strawberry Margarita, Juicy Candy Burst, Watermelon, and Pink Lemonade.
  • Increased caffeine tolerance buildup with a patented compound for long – lasting energy.
  • Enhanced muscular endurance and reduced fatigue with CarnoSyn Beta – Alanine.
  • Improved strength and performance through the inclusion of a super creatine compound.


  • Some users may experience a tingling sensation after consuming the pre-workout due to the inclusion of CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine.
  • The high caffeine content (150mg per serving) may not be suitable for individuals sensitive to stimulants or those who already consume a lot of caffeine throughout their day.
  • Although there are various delicious flavors available, some customers may find that they prefer other taste options that are not offered.

C4 Original Pre-Workout Powder is the perfect solution for anybody looking to get their fitness goals on track – whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, this sugar free pre workout energy booster will help you take your performance to the next level. Reach peak performance with C4 Original Pre-Workout today!

6. Onnit Total Strength and Performance

Elevate your workouts with natural, stimulant-free strength and performance.


  • Provides energy management for adults
  • Gluten – free formula suitable for dietary restrictions
  • Contains special ingredients like Longjack, Beta – Alanine, and Luteolinto
  • Convenient powder form for easy consumption
  • Flavorful Strawberry Lemonade taste
  • Trusted brand with a long history in the industry

The Onnit Total Strength and Performance prides itself as a stimulant-free pre-workout supplement that effectively enhances your strength gains, all with a refreshing strawberry lemonade flavor. Ideal for bodybuilders, its potent natural formula, which includes elements like Longjack, Beta-Alanine, and Luteolin, provides the user with a smooth energy boost without resulting in dependency or unwanted crashes. The product’s safe composition is affirmed by certification from BSCG (Banned Substances Control Group), ensuring it contains no banned substances.

With Onnit Total Strength and Performance , the change is not only tangible but also clinically proven. In one study involving FSU athletes over four weeks showed notable improvements in their 1RM bench press—an average increase of 6 kilograms (13.7 lbs) was observed—all while maintaining hormone profiles steady. This endorsement extends to Joe Defranco, renowned performance enhancement specialists globally who swear by this stimulant-free pre-workout formula for optimal results without harsh side effects common to many pre-workout supplements on the market.

Incorporating this supplement into regular workout routines equates to noticeable improvements for serious weight lifters aiming at increasing their lifting volumes notably: squatting more weight comfortably during deadlifts or upping their game in bench press sessions become more feasible goals than ever before. What makes this product unique within its category is how it marries efficacy with safety—promising you peak performance even on competition day without any fear of detrimental health impacts due to long-term use.


  • Delicious strawberry lemonade flavor without the use of synthetic compounds
  • 100% safe for competition, certified by Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG)
  • Endorsed by top trainers and athletes, including Joe Defranco and Tim Kennedy
  • Clinically studied results show improvements in strength and performance without altering hormone profiles


  • Limited flavor options (only available in Strawberry Lemonade)
  • May not provide the same level of energy boost as stimulant-based pre-workout supplements
  • Higher price point compared to other pre – workout supplements on the market

This stimulant-free pre-workout supplement is the perfect choice for active men and women looking to maximize their performance during work outs without relying on synthetic compounds. Total Strength & Performance provides sustained energy, focus, and strength gains through its all natural ingredients. Try it today and experience the difference!

7. Trace Minerals Clean Pre-Workout

Unleash Your True Potential with Natural Energy and Strength Boost!


  • Contains trace minerals for optimal workout performance
  • Clean formula without any unnecessary additives or fillers
  • Designed to enhance energy, focus, and endurance during workouts
  • Made by Trace Minerals, a trusted manufacturer in the health industry
  • Compact and convenient size for easy transport to the gym or on-the-go
  • Suitable for anyone looking to maximize their workout results

Trace Minerals Clean Pre-Workout is a superb addition to the fitness regimen of any bodybuilder. It’s packed with powerful, clean ingredients that are backed by America’s #1 Trace Mineral Supplement Brand. The formula has been diligently tested for purity, potency and quality – including screens for heavy metals – ensuring you’re fueling your muscles with only the best. Beyond just being Non-GMO Project Certified, vegan, and gluten-free, this Energy and Strength Booster shines in its user-focused design.

After just one serving of this Raspberry Lemonade flavored supplement pre-workout, you can genuinely feel a surge in energy levels which helps significantly in pushing through intensive workout sessions. Its well-rounded composition includes electrolytes to keep your muscle hydration on point and natural caffeine for a balanced boost of energy. The added nutrients from herbs may also assist and focus the mind for greater mental clarity offering enhanced workout performance.

Moreover, it’s not just useful during workouts but also supports recovery post-exercise due to its nutrient-rich formulation and acts as an endurance enhancer throughout the process – earning it high marks among bodybuilders who often grapple with fatigue or want increased strength. With 40 servings included in an 18.1 Ounce pack, Trace Minerals TMSPORT Series Pre Workout Supplement undoubtedly offers excellent value for your investment boosting both energy levels as well as efficiency during training sessions.


  • Trusted brand: Pure ingredients from America’s #1 Trace Mineral Supplement Brand
  • Maximum absorption: Always 3rd party tested for purity, potency, and quality for better results
  • Versatile use: Suitable for all lifestyles, whether it’s for daily or seasonal use, exercise and sports, hydration or recovery
  • Enhanced performance: Natural herbs help improve mental clarity and focus to optimize workout performance


  • May not be suitable for individuals with sensitivity to caffeine
  • Some users may find the Raspberry Lemonade flavor too sweet or artificial tasting
  • It is a pricier option compared to other pre – workout supplements on the market

This product is ideal for fitness enthusiasts who value natural ingredients and want to achieve peak performance during their workouts. Try Trace Minerals Clean Pre-Workout today and experience the energy and strength boosting benefits!

8. Klean Pre-Workout

Enhance Athletic Endurance with Natural Ingredients and Caffeine Boost


  • Certified Organic and GMO Free pre – workout powder
  • Designed for adult athletes seeking optimal performance
  • Convenient powder form for quick and easy consumption
  • Compact and lightweight packaging for on-the-go use
  • Manufactured by Klean Athlete, a trusted brand in sports nutrition
  • Available in a 7 ounce size to provide ample supply for workouts

The Klean ATHLETE Pre-Workout is a game-changer for bodybuilders looking to elevate their fitness regimen. This unique formula packs a punch with its power trio – beet root extract, vitamin C, and organic caffeine. As an athlete, nothing compares to the reload you get from this potent blend that supports athletic endurance like no other supplement in the market can.

What sets it apart? Let’s start with its key ingredient – beet root extract. It’s a natural powerhouse renowned for providing standardized nitrates which are essential for energy. Imagine pushing through your tough weightlifting routine without feeling worn out. Then there’s Vitamin C contributing toward muscle recovery post-workout, and moderate 75mg of organic caffeine promoting focus and alertness during your training sessions all while helping avoid mid-workout fatigue. Just one serving of Klean pre-workout offers all these benefits wrapped up in delicious natural lemon tea flavor.

Klean Athlete goes beyond performance enhancement; it assures health-conscious athletes that each product is GMO-free and excludes wheat/gluten/artificial additives as part of their clean label commitment. Every batch undergoes third-party testing by NSF International’s Certified for Sport Program—validating its safety standards designed specifically for competitive athletes who invest heavily both in themselves and their nutrition choices. With Klean Pre-Workout at the core of your fitness journey, rest assured you’re fueling your performance efficiently while staying true to healthy lifestyle choices.


  • Supports athletic endurance
  • GMO – free and formulated without wheat, gluten, or artificial ingredients
  • NSF Certified for Sport program ensures quality and safety
  • Delicious natural lemon tea flavor


  • Some users may find the taste of the natural lemon tea flavor to be too strong or overpowering.
  • Individuals who are sensitive to caffeine may experience jitters or an increased heart rate when consuming this pre-workout.
  • The beet root extract in this formula may cause some users to experience an increase in bowel movements.

Klean Pre-Workout is ideal for the dedicated athlete who requires maximum support and nutrition to reach their peak performance goals. With its unique formula of beet root extract, vitamin C and organic caffeine, Klean helps you power your foundation and fuel your endurance – so get ready to take it up a notch!

9. Onnit Alpha BRAIN Pre-Workout

Unleash Your Potential with Enhanced Focus and Performance


  • Supports brain health and nitric oxide production
  • Gluten – free formula for dietary restrictions
  • Contains powerful ingredients like L-Leucine, Arginine, L-Tyrosine, and Citrulline
  • Convenient bottle packaging with 90 items included
  • Suitable for adults of all ages
  • Delicious fruit flavor to enhance pre – workout experience

The Onnit Alpha BRAIN Pre-Workout stack is a game-changer for any bodybuilder looking to optimize both mental focus and physical performance. Its two-component approach combines a potent, stimulant-free nootropic – designed to enhance memory, concentration, and cognitive agility – with Total Nitric Oxide support supplement. This provides a boost in your body’s natural nitric oxide production, aiding in faster recovery times between workouts.

Alpha BRAIN exploits Earth-grown nutrients to facilitate high-level cognitive function without the use of stimulants. This means that bodybuilders can maintain their razor-sharp focus during intense training sessions without worrying about jitters or crashes commonly associated with other pre-workouts. Practical experience affirms this; there’s nothing quite like crushing your workout while experiencing moments of enhanced clarity and sharpness.

Equally crucial is the inclusion of Total Nitric Oxide—a key component that promotes better oxygen delivery to muscles by improving vascular flow during exercises, resulting in significantly improved stamina and quicker muscle growth. Many users have reported feeling more energized throughout their workouts and noticing superior results over time when using this ONNIT product regularly alongside resistance training. By saving you money versus buying these powerful supplements individually, it offers an incredibly cost-effective solution for those serious about maximizing their workout results.


  • Boosts performance, recovery, and growth with natural nitric oxide production
  • Enhances memory, focus, and concentration without the use of stimulants
  • Provides a cost – effective solution by combining two powerful supplements in one package
  • Supports overall cognitive function and physical endurance during workouts


  • Not suitable for individuals who are sensitive to caffeine or stimulants.
  • May not provide immediate results and may require consistent use over time to see full effects.
  • Some users may find the taste of the Harvest Fruit flavor of Total Nitric Oxide unpleasant.

This product is perfect for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and anyone looking to enhance their performance and focus. Experience improved concentration, energy and stamina with the Alpha BRAIN Pre-Workout stack – get yours now to unlock your full potential!

10. Pre-Kaged Elite

Unleash Your Full Potential with Pre-Kaged Elite Preworkout Powder


  • Provides energy management for adults
  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and those on a plant – based diet
  • Convenient tub packaging
  • Compact size: 4.84 x 4.92 x 5.2 inches
  • Light in weight: only 1.59 pounds
  • Comes in a refreshing fruit punch flavor from the trusted Kaged brand

In the realm of bodybuilding, Pre-Kaged Elite stands as the paragon of pre-workout powders. With its high concentration of L-Citrulline, Beta Alanine, Creatine, and Caffeine (a whopping 388mg), this supplement is built to cater to those who push their bodies beyond boundaries. It’s not just about energy – it’s about laser-like mental focus too thanks to Alphasize Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline. On my trial with Pre-Kaged Elite, I found that its no-crash promise held true even during grueling workouts making it worth its weight in gold.

What truly sets Pre-Kaged apart is the incorporation of ElevATP technology which increases lean muscle mass and boosts power output during training sessions. Combining this with Creatine Nitrate (NO3-T) you get an incredible pump effect while also enhancing endurance thus allowing for longer harder workouts – a feature all bodybuilders would appreciate. The inclusion of Taurine, Tyrosine and BCAAs provide essential nutrients aiding faster recovery so you’re ready for those successive gym days without a hitch.

Whether you are a man or woman looking for extra fuel before your workout, rest assured that Pre-Kaged delivers on all fronts: Mental focus for full concentration on your session; muscular pumps through NO3-T and sustained clean energy from PurCaf caffeine derived from non-GMO green coffee beans keeping away post-workout crashes. In essence: heightened performance at every turn! Whether busting out reps on the bench press or reaching new personal records in squatting depth – trialling Pre-Kaged was noticeably advantageous in these areas among others.


  • Laser – like mental focus for improved cognitive function and memory
  • Increased power output and lean muscle mass with ElevATP technology
  • Massive pumps and enhanced endurance with Creatine Nitrate (NO3 – T)
  • Clean, sustained energy without the crash, allowing you to dominate your workouts


  • May be too high in stimulants for some individuals
  • Fruit punch flavor may not appeal to everyone
  • Premium ingredients may result in a higher price point compared to other pre – workout products

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How to Incorporate Pre-Workout Supplements into Your Fitness Routine

Learn how to incorporate pre-workout supplements into your fitness routine with timing and dosage recommendations, tips on combining supplements for optimal results, and the importance of consulting with a healthcare professional.

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Timing and Dosage Recommendations

To maximize the effectiveness of pre-workout supplements, it is important for bodybuilders to consider the timing and dosage. Here are some recommendations to help you incorporate pre-workout supplements into your fitness routine:

  1. Time it right: Take your pre-workout supplement approximately 30 minutes before your workout. This allows enough time for the ingredients to be absorbed and start working.
  2. Start with a low dose: Begin with the lowest recommended dosage stated on the product label. Test your tolerance and gradually increase the dosage if needed, following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.
  3. Stay within recommended limits: Avoid exceeding the maximum daily dosage stated on the product label. Taking more than instructed can lead to unwanted side effects and may not yield additional benefits.
  4. Consider your workout intensity: If you have an intense workout session planned, you may want to take a full dose of pre-workout supplement. However, for lighter workouts or when starting out, a half dose may be sufficient.
  5. Avoid late-night consumption: Due to their energizing properties, it is advisable to avoid taking pre-workout supplements close to bedtime as they may interfere with sleep quality.
  6. Cycle your usage: To prevent your body from building up a tolerance or becoming dependent on pre-workout supplements, it is recommended to cycle their usage periodically. For example, take them consistently for 8-12 weeks and then take a break for 2-3 weeks before starting again.
  7. Stay hydrated: Remember to drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercising while using pre-workout supplements. Proper hydration supports overall performance and helps prevent dehydration caused by increased physical activity.
  8. Listen to your body: Pay attention to how your body responds to different dosages and timings of pre-workout supplements. Everyone’s tolerance and preferences may vary, so adjust accordingly based on what works best for you.

Combining Supplements for Optimal Results

Combining supplements can help bodybuilders achieve optimal results in their fitness routines. By strategically pairing and timing certain pre-workout supplements, you can enhance your energy levels, endurance, and muscle growth. Here are some key tips for combining supplements effectively:

  1. Pair caffeine with citrulline malate: Caffeine is a popular ingredient in pre-workout supplements as it increases energy and focus. By combining it with citrulline malate, which improves blood flow and muscle pump, you can experience enhanced exercise performance.
  2. Combine beta-alanine with betaine anhydrous: Beta-alanine is known for reducing muscle fatigue and increasing endurance. When paired with betaine anhydrous, which supports strength and power output, you can push yourself harder during workouts.
  3. Time your supplement intake properly: Take your pre-workout supplement around 30 minutes before your workout to allow the ingredients to kick in. This will ensure that you have enough energy and focus throughout your training session.
  4. Experiment with different combinations: Every individual’s body reacts differently to various supplements. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you. Keep track of how each combination affects your performance and adjust accordingly.
  5. Consult a healthcare professional or nutritionist: If you’re unsure about which supplements to combine or if you have any underlying health conditions, it’s always wise to consult a healthcare professional or nutritionist for personalized advice.
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Consulting with a Healthcare Professional

Before adding pre-workout supplements to your fitness regimen, it is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional. They can provide valuable guidance and ensure that you choose the right supplements for your specific needs.

A healthcare provider can assess your medical history, current medications, and any potential interactions or side effects. They can also help determine the appropriate dosage and usage of pre-workout supplements based on your exercise goals and overall health.

Remember that everyone’s body reacts differently to pre-exercise supplements, so seeking professional advice can help avoid any adverse reactions or risks. By consulting with a registered dietitian or healthcare professional, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about incorporating pre-workout supplements into your routine safely and effectively.


In conclusion, choosing the right pre-workout supplement can greatly enhance your performance and results in the gym. After extensive research and testing, we have determined that the 10 Best Pre-Workout Supplements of 2023 are a game-changer for fitness enthusiasts.

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1. What are the top pre-workout supplements to consider in 2023?

The top pre-workout supplements for 2023 include products that contain ingredients like caffeine, beta-alanine, creatine, citrulline malate, and BCAAs. These ingredients can help enhance energy levels, improve focus and concentration, increase endurance, and support muscle growth.

2. Are pre-workout supplements safe to use?

When used correctly and according to the recommended dosage instructions, pre-workout supplements are generally safe for most people. However, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions or take medication that may interact with certain ingredients.

3. How do I choose the right pre-workout supplement for my needs?

Choosing the right pre-workout supplement depends on your specific fitness goals and individual preferences. Consider factors such as ingredient profile (to ensure it aligns with your goals), potential side effects or sensitivities to certain ingredients, price range, taste preferences (if applicable), and brand reputation/reviews when selecting a suitable product.

4. Can women use pre-workout supplements?

Yes! Pre-workout supplements are not gender-specific and can be used by both men and women who engage in regular exercise routines. However, some women may prefer formulations specifically designed for them which might address their unique nutritional needs or training objectives better than unisex options on the market today.